Our brands Recovery Spot® & "recover like a PRO®" are ready to help you start and operate your own business where you can share your passion for health and sport recovery by building and cultivating your own personal client base or integrate within your existing clients.

Why invest in A RECOVERY SPOT® & recover like a PRO® brand license?


Achieve Your Financial Goals with Reoccurring Revenue streams!

  • Protected Registered Brand - Recovery Spot® & recover like a PRO® in North America.

  • Lower Start-up Cost – No Building Improvements, Signs, Lease Deposits, etc. if your looking to provide our mobile model.

  • Lower Monthly Expenses - no rent, utilities, real estate taxes, Building Insurance, etc.if your looking to provide our mobile model

  • Lower Monthly Break-even points

  • Faster Ramp up to Profitability

  • Higher Net Profit

  • Lower Risk

  • Highly Scale-able – Recurring Revenue Model

  • High Ticket/Low Volume – you don’t need many clients to make money

  • Limited Competition – No other brand does what we do

  • Faster Opening - No need for a real estate search for that “perfect’ Location

  • Prime Territories Available throughout the USA and Canada – The time is right!

  • RECOVERY SPOT® offers you the opportunity to hire your own staff and to become a part of your clients’ healthy new lifestyle.

    Our clients are health conscience professionals, parents, athletes, students and senior citizens who like the convenience of Compression Therapy Sport Recovery in their home or at work or setting of their choice. We go to them, bringing our Compression
    Therapy solutions with us.





  • RECOVERY SPOT® is not like any other SPORT RECOVERY program:

    • Low membership fees

    • Medically Based products are covered by Insurance and/or Medicare Programs.

    • Established RECOVERY SPOT® website, indicating where YOU are providing Services.

    • Every client receives their own individualized Sport Recovery program.

    • All clients are re-assessed every time YOU see them giving our franchisees the opportunity to

      • re-engage the client with new Compression Therapy solutions

      • update Sport Recovery programs to suit the client’s personal needs

      • and ensure that the client is going to reach their personal goals

    • RECOVERY SPOT® outfits YOUR vehicle. Our professionals are EXPERTS in Compression Therapy Sport Recovery Solutions.

    • We provide 1-2 weeks of hands-on training at YOUR location to help launch your business.



    After you submit your information, you will get a call from us. Usually about 60 minutes — that gives us a chance to introduce ourselves, learn a little about you and answer a few questions. From there, we’ll schedule a time to provide you with in-depth information about our RECOVERY SPOT® opportunity and to learn about you and see if we're a good fit.



Minimum Cash Required:

$10,000 USD for license usage of the two brands for 2 yrs.

Total Investment:

$15,000 USD

Business Type:

Brand License


Locations available throughout Canada & the U.S.A.


Business Profile:

RECOVERY SPOT is #1 in providing mobile Compression Therapy Sport Recovery Solutions.

  • Main focus: one-on-one Sport Compression Recovery, group sessions, and corporate sessions.

  • Services include: fit and supply PRO grade medical sport Compression Recovery apparel, custom knee bracing,  sequential pump Compression Therapy and much, more.

  • Access to over $5M worth of medical products.

  • Clients receive Compression Recovery therapy 2-5 days a week.

  • Insurance & Govn't health program Billing.

  • Recurring Revenue.

RYAN REAVES - Brand Ambassador

  • NHL PRO Hockey Player

  • 2018 Vegas Golden Knights

  • 2017/18 Pittsburgh Penguins

  • 2010/17 St. Louise Blues

When it comes to recovery solutions Recovery Spot® has it all!

From portable/mobile  compression recovery pumps/services to Pro grade compression apparel, You can count on getting the best from these guys.

Don't compromise when it comes to keeping your body in peek condition, check out a Recovery Spot® today!